Declan Reddy

Rehabilitation Consultant

Clinical Supervisor - Counsellor
Massage Therapist, Homeopath
Mindfulness Teacher
Celebrant / Solomniser

I bring experience dedication, focus and passion to my profession. I am fully committed to providing a personalised and relevant service to meet your requirements using an eclectic, holistic and biopsychosocial approach that combines counselling, homeopathy, stress-reducing massage therapy and mindfullness.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to browse through my site. If you feel that I can be of any help, please feel free to make contact, without obligation, to discuss any of the services I provide or simply just to make an appointment.

My services My services

Declan Reddy

Wedding Celebrant

An Officiant of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland

I am  registered as a solemniser with the General Registrars Office in the Republic of Ireland.

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Holistic Massage:

I am a trained and experienced Holistic Healing Massage Therapist with extensive experience in helping people to de-stress and unwind with incredibly positive results. 


Homeopathy is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine, that uses natural remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing power. As a fully registered homeopath I therefore treat the whole person, multidimentionally on a physical, emotional and psychological level. 


I bring over 30 years clinical experience to my counselling practice, and use a variety of approaches to facilitate personal growth and learning. The experience of being listened to, respected and heard opens doors to the mind, heart and imagination with incredibly beneficial results

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction:

Mindfulness has been scientifically & clinically proven to improve mental health and physical pain and is an invaluable intervention for the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. I provide tailor-made Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses to groups in the community and the corporate sector.

Clinical Supervision

As a professionally accredited and trained clinical supervisor with over 30 years clinical experience and over 15 years clinical supervision experience, I fully appreciate the necessity for clinical support and guidance.Good clinical supervision supports learning, nourishes growth, inspires creativity and maintains sound ethical standards. It provides a safe and secure space for you to bring the challenges you face in your work environment.

Training & Education:

As a trained and experienced facilitator and trainer and also a registered member of the Teaching Council (Ireland). I bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm and genuine interest into my learning work.
In my training workshops I incorporate training and appropriate educational inputs to create an enjoyable space for learning to occur and personal and professional growth to develop. 'Feel free to contact me to create a tailor made training package to meet your own requirements'