Throughout my professional career, and indeed my life, I am continually amazed by the courage, strength and resolve of the people that I meet, and their incredible determination to face the challenges that life throws at them. I thought that the older I got, the more cynical I would become and the less interested and involved I would want to be in people’s life journey. In fact, the opposite is the case and I still treat each new client with the same enthusiasm, interest and genuine desire to assist, that I did the first day I started work almost 30 years ago. Although nowadays it’s backed up by a lot more training, education, maturity, skill and knowledge

My experiences along the way have shaped the way that I see the world and the way that I work, and this has in turn, shaped the philosophical foundations upon which I base my approach to counselling, rehabilitation, massage, homeopathy and mindful meditation.

I believe that a person’s desire to heal, fix, repair or reinvent himself or herself is more than half the battle. Often times, all that is then required is knowing what direction to take or what needs to change, then support in making and maintaining this change. This is something that happens not just on one level but on a combination of physical, psychological, emotional & social levels. 

My approach is primarily to listen, not judge, and to view all circumstances holistically and work from there. I believe that it is vital to allow the control and pace of change to remain completely with my client. My job is purely, simply and only to explore, support and assist a person in the choices (s)he makes. I realised a long time ago, that to be effective in my work, offering counselling alone was not enough. So I embarked on a long journey of education and training and added rehabilitation & management consultancy, holistic healing massage therapy, homeopathy and mindful mediatation to my skills tool box. This has allowed me to remain flexible in my approach to problem solving.

Throughout my training, the requirement to deal with issues arising in my own personal journey, has challenged me and helped me to grow. It is with this growth and truly personal appreciation of what is involved in the process, that I approach my work.

I will always remain grateful to the people who have trusted me to walk with them through their journey. You know who you are … literally.